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dictionary object

Path: /sdk/add_on/scriptdictionary/

The dictionary object maps string values to values or objects of other types.

Register with RegisterScriptDictionary(asIScriptEngine*).

Compile the add-on with the pre-processor define AS_USE_STLNAMES=1 to register the methods with the same names as used by C++ STL where the methods have the same significance. Not all methods from STL is implemented in the add-on, but many of the most frequent once are so a port from script to C++ and vice versa might be easier if STL names are used.

Public C++ interface

typedef std::string dictKey;
class CScriptDictionary
// Factory functions
static CScriptDictionary *Create(asIScriptEngine *engine);
// Reference counting
void AddRef() const;
void Release() const;
// Perform a shallow copy of the other dictionary
CScriptDictionary &operator=(const CScriptDictionary &other);
// Sets a key/value pair
void Set(const dictKey &key, void *value, int typeId);
void Set(const dictKey &key, asINT64 &value);
void Set(const dictKey &key, double &value);
// Gets the stored value. Returns false if the value isn't compatible with informed type
bool Get(const dictKey &key, void *value, int typeId) const;
bool Get(const dictKey &key, asINT64 &value) const;
bool Get(const dictKey &key, double &value) const;
// Index accessors. If the dictionary is not const it inserts the value if it doesn't already exist
// If the dictionary is const then a script exception is set if it doesn't exist and a null pointer is returned
CScriptDictValue *operator[](const dictKey &key);
const CScriptDictValue *operator[](const dictKey &key) const;
// Returns the type id of the stored value, or negative if it doesn't exist
int GetTypeId(const dictKey &key) const;
// Returns true if the key is set
bool Exists(const dictKey &key) const;
// Returns true if the dictionary is empty
bool IsEmpty() const;
// Returns the number of keys in the dictionary
asUINT GetSize() const;
// Deletes the key
bool Delete(const dictKey &key);
// Deletes all keys
void DeleteAll();
// Get an array of all keys
CScriptArray *GetKeys() const;
// STL style iterator
class CIterator
void operator++(); // Pre-increment
void operator++(int); // Post-increment
bool operator==(const CIterator &other) const;
bool operator!=(const CIterator &other) const;
// Accessors
const dictKey &GetKey() const;
int GetTypeId() const;
bool GetValue(asINT64 &value) const;
bool GetValue(double &value) const;
bool GetValue(void *value, int typeId) const;
const void * GetAddressOfValue() const;
CIterator begin() const;
CIterator end() const;
CIterator find(const dictKey &key) const;

Public script interface

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