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math functions

Path: /sdk/add_on/scriptmath/

This add-on registers the math functions from the standard C runtime library with the script engine. Use RegisterScriptMath(asIScriptEngine*) to perform the registration.

By defining the preprocessor word AS_USE_FLOAT=0, the functions will be registered to take and return doubles instead of floats.

The function RegisterScriptMathComplex(asIScriptEngine*) registers a type that represents a complex number, i.e. a number with real and imaginary parts.

Public script interface

  // Trigonometric functions
  float cos(float rad);
  float sin(float rad);
  float tan(float rad);
  // Inverse trigonometric functions
  float acos(float val);
  float asin(float val);
  float atan(float val);
  float atan2(float y, float x);
  // Hyperbolic functions
  float cosh(float rad);
  float sinh(float rad);
  float tanh(float rad);
  // Logarithmic functions
  float log(float val);
  float log10(float val);
  // Power to
  float pow(float val, float exp);
  // Square root
  float sqrt(float val);
  // Absolute value
  float abs(float val);
  // Ceil and floor functions
  float ceil(float val);
  float floor(float val);
  // Returns the fraction
  float fraction(float val);
  // Approximate float comparison, to deal with numeric imprecision
  bool closeTo(float a, float b, float epsilon = 0.00001f);
  bool closeTo(double a, double b, double epsilon = 0.0000000001);
  // Conversion between floating point and IEEE 754 representations
  float  fpFromIEEE(uint raw); 
  double fpFromIEEE(uint64 raw);
  uint   fpToIEEE(float fp);
  uint64 fpToIEEE(double fp);
  // This type represents a complex number with real and imaginary parts
  class complex
    // Constructors
    complex(const complex &in);
    complex(float r);
    complex(float r, float i);
    // Equality operator
    bool opEquals(const complex &in) const;
    // Compound assignment operators
    complex &opAddAssign(const complex &in);
    complex &opSubAssign(const complex &in);
    complex &opMulAssign(const complex &in);
    complex &opDivAssign(const complex &in);
    // Math operators
    complex opAdd(const complex &in) const;
    complex opSub(const complex &in) const;
    complex opMul(const complex &in) const;
    complex opDiv(const complex &in) const;
    // Returns the absolute value (magnitude)
    float abs() const;
    // Swizzle operators
    complex get_ri() const;
    void set_ri(const complex &in);
    complex get_ir() const;
    void set_ir(const complex &in);
    // The real and imaginary parts
    float r;
    float i;
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