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Commandline runner

Path: /sdk/samples/asrun/

This samples gives a very basic commandline executer for AngelScripts. It currently doesn't allow the user to do very much as it is just a sample, but serves as a good foundation for building a useful commandline tool.

It also implements a fully functional commandline debugger, with support for setting breakpoints, stepping through the code, examining variables, etc.

Global functions available to scripts

Besides the add-ons listed above, the following functions are also exposed to the scripts.

  • void print(const string &in line)

Prints a line to the standard output.

  • string getInput()

Gets a line from the standard input.

  • array<string> @getCommandLineArgs()

Gets the command line arguments as an array.

  • int exec(const string &in)

Executes a system command.