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Work in progress

You can always find the latest version of AngelScript in the SVN on There you can browse the repository online and download a tarball with all the code for revision of choice.

If you prefer to use an SVN client to download the code, point your client to the following address:

I recommend TortoiseSVN as the SVN client if you're using Windows, otherwise the original SVN is the best alternative.

Version 2.30.1 WIP - 2015/05/21

Known bugs

Known portability issues

I'll need the community's help to fix these, as I do not have access to all of the different development environments needed.

Changes planned for later versions

You're always welcome to send me your comments on current and/or upcoming features. Your feedback is very important for my planning and prioritization of already planned feature.

Planned for 2.30.1

Planned for 2.31.0

Before each release

Long term goals for 3.0.0

Complete list of planned and unplanned improvements