This is an early version of my home-grown game engine that I use to play with the many different ideas that I have. I decided to upload this early version together with the source code, so I can use it as an example when explaining how I have integrated AngelScript in my engine.

The code is presented as-is. Hopefully it should be quite easy to understand, given that it is still quite small without a huge amount of features or optimizations. On the other hand don't expect to see cleanly written and well documented code. It is after all just a prototype, and wasn't originally intended for public showing.

Feel free to ask me about the code. If there is enough interest I may even document it better and fix a bug or two.


To run the prototype you'll need to have DirectX 9.0c installed.

To compile the code you will need the following libraries:


At this early stage the number of true features in the engine is small, but here are the most important ones.