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Free modelling application from the makers of 3D Studio, Discreet.

MilkShape 3D
A very popular shareware 3D modelling application.

Valve Hammer Editor
Free 3D map editor from Valve Software.

Free 3D modeler

Blender 3D
Free 3D modelling package.

Free 3D modelling editor.

Free 3D modelling and animation program.

Stephen L Cox
A tool for UVMapping 3D models.

This commercial 3D modeller seems to be the best on the market when it comes to organic models. The price of almost US$500 may be a bit steep for some, but it looks like it would be worth it to me.

Art of Illusion
Peter Eastman
Open source free 3D modelling, animation, and rendering studio.

Misfit Model 3D
Kevin Worcester
A good open source 3D model and animation software, suitable for 3D games.

SoftImage|XSI Mod Tool
Free modelling tool for game modders.

CB Model Pro
A 3D modeller specialized in organic models. It's currently free (but I do not know for how long that will be).

Martin Wengenmayer
This is an excellent 3D modelling, animation, and renderer for Mac OS X. The price is also reasonable for independent developers.

Free open source tool for quickly creating 3D meshes of humans.

trueSpace 7.6 is now free for all uses.

Google SketchUp
A very easy to use 3D modeling program from Google. It focuses on architectural models, and is not recommended for organic models. The free version only saves the 3D models in a format native to SketchUp, but the Pro version allows saving in common 3D file formats. It is however, quite easy to find converters to convert the SketchUp format to a more common 3D file format.

2010 - Tomas Pettersson
Free 3D modelling software with ability to sculpt models and paint the texture on it.