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Art of Foley
1995 - Philip Rodrigues Singer
This article explains how a Foley Artist creates sound effects for a movie. This is definitely a technique that can be used for game development as well.
A great place to go for free textures, 3d models, and audio.
This search engine will find the sound effect you are looking for.

Sound Dogs
Here you can find and buy individual sound effects for your projects.

Turbo Squid
This is a custom search engine where users can upload game resources and let other users download them for free, or for a price.
This site holds lots of free stuff, like textures, sounds, fonts, etc.
This company sells CDs with audio files for very low prices.

Chris Worth Productions
Here you can find a cheap (not free) solution for high quality music in your games.

Decane Music Packs
Royalty free music packs available for a low price.

Massive Tracks
This site provides royalty free music that can be licensed for a reasonable price and used in any product you like.

Royalty free music
A site with free quality music. Some of the artists even allow free use of their works in commercial products.
Royalty free sound and music for affordable prices.

Royalty free music and sound effects.

A German music store that sells commercial licenses to include the musics in your productions. The site is in German but from what I understood the licenses are royalty free and the prices seem to be reasonable. It's well worth the visit if you're looking for quality music for your project.

Voice talent for hire
Royalty free music from Germany.

Quality music available with a royaltee free license at a reasonable price.