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Infinity Textures
This is a shareware application for generating textures of very high quality.

Texture Processor
This is a freeware texture generator that is able to generate some interesting textures.

Wood Workshop
Spiral Graphics
A free utility for creating seamlessly repeating wood textures.

Adobe Photoshop
In my opinion the best digital imaging program available. The price may not be in range for most individual developers, but a company shouldn't have much trouble purchasing it.

Project Dogwaffle & PD Pro Digital Painter
Low cost painting program. Version 1.2 is free, though obviously lacking a lot of the features from the later versions.

Excellent open source paint and image manipulation program.

ArtRage 2
Ambient Design
A lightweight painting program. Not as powerful as Photoshop or Painter, but quite capable, and better yet, it is very cheap. There is even a free version for those that don't want to pay the 20 dollars.

Filter Forge
A PhotoShop plugin for generating seamlessly tiling filters. The site also has a large library of procedurally textures for viewing.

Texture Maker 3
Seamless texture generator tool.

Free drawing program for vector graphics.

This is a freeware tool for generating procedural textures of very high quality.

.werkkzeug 3 TE (texture edition)
A free tool for procedurally generating textures. The engine for generating the textures can be licensed for a rather steep price so that it can be embedded in applications.

2D texturing tool