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Cloud tutorial
2003 - Steven Stahlberg
This article shows how to paint clouds.

Dhabih Eng's How do I draw
Jan, 1998 - Dhabih Eng

Doin' a daily strip
This is a tutorial on how to draw a comic strip using traditional pencil and ink. A good read for those interested in comics. Written by the creators of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Tutorials
Philip H Williams
Plenty of good drawing tutorials here.

Gorblimey tutorials
Socar Myles
Very good drawing tutorials.

How the FCUK does he do that?
2001 - Jay Fotos
Comic book coloring with Photoshop

Khang Le's painting tutorial
Khang Le

Planet Tutorial
Cristian A.G

Save Loomis
This site has links to scanned copies of the books on figure drawing written by Andrew Loomis.

iCE Tutorials
Contains a collection of drawing tutorials written by different artists.
Stephanie D Lostimolo
Excellent comic book drawing tutorials.

Jamie Jones' Tutorials
Jamie Jones
Excelent painting tutorials

Katherine Dinger's art tutorials
Katherine Dinger
Painting tutorials. Forums
This is the forum to go to if you are interested in graphics. All the great digital artists gather here to show the work and teach the beginners.

How to draw manga
Julie Dillon's manga drawing tutorials can be found here.

Art Technique at

Polykarbon: Tutorials
Plenty of good tutorials here.

Basic CG Painting Tutorial
March, 2004 - Mattias Snygg

The artwork of Greg Martin
Greg Martin
This artist have written some excellent tutorial on how to create various space images.

Making Clouds From Above
Marek Hlavaty
Very good tutorial on painting clouds in Photoshop.