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Admin  17
ASP components  4
Audio  5
Documentation  12
File management  9
Graphics  6
  3D modeler  18
  Images & textures  13
Installer  3
Miscellaneous  7
Programming utilities  28
SDKs & libraries  16
  Audio  4
  Compression  1
  Graphics  10
    Engines  8
    Image  8
  Physics  7
  Scripting  8
Source control  3

KeePass Password Safe
This handy utility helps you remember your passwords. It comes with complete source code. The encryption algorithms used to protect the database are 128bit AES and 128bit Twofish. The hash algorithm SHA-256 is used to generate the 256bit key. Free.

PuTTY - a free telnet/ssh client
Simon Tatham
An excellent telnet and ssh client. Together with this are also psftp for ftp over ssh and puttygen for public-private-key generation.

Google Chrome
Sep, 2008 - Google
Excellent open source internet browser.

dmoz - Open Directory Project
Human edited directory of the Web.

Game Development Tools
A database of game development tools.

The official homepage for MySQL.

XBox 360 Controller Emulator
Open source project for emulating the XBox 360 controller on the PC using any controller. Built as a wrapper for the XInput driver that maps XInput to DirectInput, with configurable mappings to your controller.