This freeware game is a puzzle game in the spirit of the classical Tetris. The objective of the game is to remove as many blocks as possible in order to gain as high a score as possible before the game is over. It's simple but highly rewarding.

System requirements

Windows 98 SE or higher
32MB memory
1MB hard disk space
DirectX 8 or later
3D graphics accelerator


Bug report and feedback

As this is a freeware product I don't earn any money from this, thus I don't have the resources to test it on a large range of computer configurations. I need your help to make this game as stable as possible on as many different computers as possible. Please tell me of any bugs you should find, and as you do tell me what your computer configurations are. Tell me even if you don't find any bugs, it's just as important to know what configurations the game works on.

And of course tell me what you think of the game. Your feedback will inspire me to write new and better products.

If the game doesn't work for some reason, please run the game once more with the command line option "-log", then send me the "tower.log" file that is created in the install directory. It will help me identify the possible cause of the problem.

Known working configurations

Gfx CPU RAMOSComment
nVidia TNT AGP P3 450MHz 196MB PC100 Win98SE  
GeForce 256 DDR 32MB Celeron P3 800MHz 256MB WinXP Pro  
GeForce 2 Go Pentium 3 1GHz 512MB WinXP Pro Laptop, Toshiba
GF3 Ti200 64MB Athlon 1333 256MB Win98SE  
GF3 Ti200 64MB Athlon 1333 256MB Win2K SP4  
GF3 Ti200 P4 2.4GHz (no HT) 512MB DDR 400 Win2K Pro SP4  
GF4 Ti4200 Athlon 1800 256MB WinXP Home SP1  
GF4 Ti4200 128MB Athlon 2000+ 256MB Win98SE  
GF4 Ti4200 128MB Athlon 2000+ 512MB DDR WinXP  
GF4 Ti4600 - - W2k  
GeForce 4 Ti Athlon 1400 - XP Pro  
GeForce Fx5200 Athlon 2200 512MB Win98SE  
GeForce Fx5200 Celeron 2.7GHz - -  
GeForce Fx5200 128MB P4 1.6GHz 768MB WinXP Pro  
GeForce Fx5200 128MB Athlon XP 2500+ 512MB DDR WinXP Pro SP1  
GeForce Fx5600 Athlon XP 2400+ 1GB WinXP Pro SP1  
GeForce Fx5700LE 256MB Celeron P3 800MHz 256MB WinXP Pro SP1  
ATI Mobility Radeon - - - Laptop
ATI Mobility M4 P3 700MHz 512MB Win Server 2003 Laptop, Dell Inspiron 8000
ATI Mobility 200 Sempron 1.8GHz 384MB WinXP Home SP2 Laptop, Compaq
Radeon 8500 - - -  
Radeon 8500 LE Athlon XP 2000+ 512MB WinXP Pro SP1  
Radeon 9000 64MB P4 2.66 1GB WinXP  
Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB 1.7GHz Pentium M 512MB WinXP Home SP1 Laptop, Dell Insipiron 8600
Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB P4 2.6 - WinXP  
Radeon 9700 Athlon XP 3000 - WinXP Pro SP2  
Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB P4 2.8C 1GB Win Server 2003  
Sapphire x1950+ Pro 512Athlon DualCore 64 52002GB WinXP Home SP2  
Intel 810 Celeron 733MHz 128MB W2K SP4  
Intel 815 Celeron 550MHz 64MB W2K SP4  
Intel 82852/82855 Celeron 2.4 256MB WinXP Home SP1 Laptop Toshiba
Intel 82865G P4 2.8Ghz 512MB    

Known bugs