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The mailing list at FreeLists is used send news directly to those interested. This is closed for discussion, i.e the only e-mails that you'll receive from this list will be sent by me. If you wish to ask questions to other AngelScript users you can use the forum.

FreeLists is completely free for technology based subjects. This means that there aren't any commercials sent to the mailing list or attached to e-mails. The strict rules at FreeLists guarantee that you will not receive any spam from this list.

To subscribe to the list you should go to FreeLists and write your e-mail, choose Subscribe, then click Go!. You will then receive an e-mail from FreeLists asking you to confirm your subscription. Just follow the instructions given and you will be set. Note, it may be that you receive two separate e-mails from FreeLists, one welcome e-mail and one confirmation e-mail, make sure you follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail.

FreeLists' AngelScript subscription page