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Further resources & support


Newcomers do well to visit the forums where a large portion of the community frequent and can help with any doubts for getting started. This is also a great place to report bugs where the resolution can be shared with the rest of the community as well.

Those who prefer IRC can join the #angelscript channel on, where a group of developers hang out.

The community wiki may also be visited for extra information. The wiki is open for the community to contribute information such as tips & tricks, samples, and tutorials.

JIT compiler

If you like AngelScript, you may be interested in testing the JIT compiler for AngelScript that Blind Mind Studios implemented. While AngelScript is already quite fast a JIT compiler can still improve the performance quite a bit.

Download the JIT compiler from

Note: Code uses on C++11 features, e.g. lamda functions

asPEEK - Remote debugger

saejox has implemented a remote debugger for AngelScript projects. By integrating asPEEK into your application you will be able to use an ordinary web browser to remote debug your scripts with a nice graphical interface.

Download asPEEK from Bitbucket

Note: Code uses boost and websocket (though these can easily be replaced)


Sam "Solokiller" Vanheer has created this IDE for AngelScript.

Download at github

Note: Code uses QT


JSandusky has created this IDE for use with Urho and AngelScript. Though it is written specifically for Urho, it can probably be adapted for other uses too.

Download at github

Note: Code uses ModernUI, AvalonEdit, Json.NET, WIXTools, Websocket4Net

AngelScript Add-on Template Library

Sami Vuorela has implemented a template container library that brings to AngelScript useful containers such as: vector, list, set, unordered_set, map, and unordered_map. Those who are familiar with C++ STL template containers will feel right at home with this add-on library.

Download the AATC from

Automatic wrappers for smart pointers

Registering smart pointers with AngelScript requires the use of wrappers to be able to properly call the members. SiCrane from provided a template based automatic wrapping for this purpose.

Download from here

Note: Code uses std::shared_ptr from C++11 as an example, but can easily be replaced with whatever smart pointer implementation you use

C++ STL-style array that's compatible with AngelScript

This handy template class written by Squared'D functions almost identically to an ordinary std::vector, yet it is compatible with AngelScript's array by embedding an CScriptArray.

Download from Squared Programming


Anthony Casteel wrote a quite capable pre-processor for AngelScript back in 2005. Though Anthony is no longer supporting it and has removed it from his site, the pre-processor can still be found on as part of the AngelJuice IDE.

Download from

C interface

I've written a C interface that can be used to integrate AngelScript with other languages than C++, for example C, Delphi, Pascal, etc. As it is not part of the standard SDK I do not keep it updated with every release, but it is quite easy to update for the latest release when needed, so don't hesitate to let me know if you'd like to have it updated.

Download from here

Note: Last updated for 2.31.2 (June 24th, 2017)