Texture Generator

Texture Generator is a program that lets you write small scripts that generates images. The application has plenty of built-in functions to help you get your ideas working easy and fast. This application is perfect as a test bed for algorithms for image processing or synthesizing.

The AngelScript language used by the Texture Generator is almost identical to that of C++, thus it is very easy to take the algorithms developed and port them to your own application.

download Texture Generator v1.1.0 Installer (161KB, 2005/04/17)

download source code for the Texture Generator (433KB, 2005/04/17)
Available for educational purposes only. Includes AngelScript 2.1.0a in source form, and precompiled libraries for libPng and zlib.

Sample scripts

These scripts and images were all created by me (unless otherwise stated) and as such I hold the copyright. You are welcome to use them for free either for learning or in products, except texture collections. If you do use them I would appreciate it if you'd let me know.

 Glass bead
 Wooden floor