New developer references

2015-01-16   Basic Theory of Physically-Based Rendering
2014-12-15   The Component Object Model

2014-10-21   AngelScript 2.29.2

This incremental release brings a few minor improvements along with the usual batch of bug fixes.

Perhaps the most exciting new feature is the ability for script classes to implement type conversions, by including methods named opConv for explicit conversions or opImplConv implicit conversions. The compiler will find the correct overload to call by examining the return type, so even though these methods do not take any arguments it is still possible to allow classes to be converted to multiple different types.

The rest of the improvements are quite minor and should be transparent to the application developers.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to advertise the recently released AngelScript Add-on Template Library by Sami Vuorela. This library complements the standard add-ons in the SDK with 6 new templated container classes. If you feel the standard add-ons are a bit limited, then you should definitely take a look at these.