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Copyrights Basics

The Wide Open License (WOL)
This explains the concept of WOL and why it might be better than GPL (GNU Public License).

GNU Lesser General Public License
This is article explains the GNU LGPL and how to use it.

The GNU General Public License
This article explains the GNU GPL and how to use it.

Getting Published
This article tells about all the stuff that you need to know to get your game published. A good read even if you think you know everything already.

Legal Issues for Rookie Development Studios
Thomas H Buscaglia

Open Source Initiative
Lots of information about various open source licences.

What an Indie Needs to Know About Copyright
Feb, 2007 - GBGames
This article explains the copyright law so that you know how to use it.

Hey, Thatís MY Game! Intellectual Property Protection for Video Games
Feb, 2008 - Steve Change, Ross Dannenberg
Understand the different ways of protecting your intellectual property.

The Designer's Notebook: Damn All Gameplay Patents!
March, 2008 - Ernest Adams
This article discusses the disadvantages to game play patents, and the author gives a view on patents that I can completely agree with.