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.NET  7
Artificial Intelligence  7
  Group behavior  2
  Path finding  16
    A* and its derivatives  6
  Pattern recognition  1
  Steering behavior  2
  World interaction  4
Audio  0
  DirectX  8
  DSP  5
  Ogg Vorbis  2
  OpenAL  1
  Windows  1
Computer Science  2
  Algorithms & data structures  12
    BSP trees  8
  Encryption  12
  Randomness & noise  11
Data storage  4
  File formats  14
    Image  10
  Resource files  2
Game Development  20
  Cheat & crack prevention  10
  Input  3
  Timing  4
Graphics  27
  Character animation  6
  DirectX  24
    Optimizing  8
  Illumination  5
    Deferred lighting  7
    Global illumination  8
    Lighting models  6
    Screen Space Ambient Occlusion  4
    Shadow maps  18
    Shadow volumes  15
  Image processing & synthesizing  19
  Non-polygonal rendering  3
    Ray tracing  3
  OpenGL  12
  Particle systems  7
  Shaders  32
  Simulation  4
    Cloth  2
    Clouds & sky light  7
    Fire & smoke  4
    Liquids  12
  Surfaces & Meshes  7
    Implicit surfaces  6
    Parametric curves & surfaces  7
    Polygon reduction & LOD  3
    Subdivision surfaces  7
  Terrain  7
    Continuous LOD  12
    Generating data  4
    Voxel engines  2
  Text  6
  Transparency  1
  Visibility determination  16
Languages  5
  Assembler  20
  C & C++  25
    C++ exceptions  5
    Calling conventions  11
    Debugging  5
    Memory management  7
    Optimizations  6
  C#  4
  Creating your own language  13
    Garbage collection  7
  D  2
  Java  4
  Scripting  3
    JScript & VBScript  1
    Lua  6
    Other languages  8
    Perl  2
    Python  5
    Ruby  4
Mathematics  3
  Fourier transform  4
  Geometry  6
  Linear algebra, vectors & matrices  9
  Wavelet transform  5
Object design  3
Physics  5
  Body dynamics  8
  Collision detection  10
    Polytopes  6
Platform  2
  Linux  1
  Mac  2
  Windows  13
    COM, ATL & WTL  8
    Dynamically loaded libraries  6
    Hooks  5
    Input  2
    Networking  6
    Screensavers  3
    Services  1
    Shell  2
    Small executables  3
    Windows  8
Web Technologies  8

Direct3D 7 IM Framework Programming
Wolfgang Engel

Microsoft DirectX Developer FAQ

DirectX 8.1 SDK Documentation
I think you know what this is. Yes, it is the documentation for the DXSDK. It's a very good source for information on DirectX related issues.

The DirectX 8.0 Screensaver Framework
August 2001 - Philip Taylor
This article presents the DX8 Screensaver Framework, which is a Microsoft made free framework. The article has links to download the sourcecode for the framework.

The Simplification of DirectX 8.0 Graphics
December 19, 2000 - Philip Taylor
This article is a really good introduction to Direct3D with DX8. It explains everything, how to create devices, how to enumerate, how to handle lost devices, etc. Of course it doesn't explain it in detail so you still need to read the DXSDK docs but at least you will know what to look for.

Introduction to Shader Programming
March 2002 - Wolfgang Engel
This 4 part article shows how to program the vertex and pixel shaders in DirectX 8.x.

Exploring D3DX
July 2002 - Philip Taylor
This article in two parts gives an overview of what the D3DX utility library is capable of.

Rendering to multiple views with DirectX
Sep 2002 - Mythos
This article explains how to create additional swap chains in DirectX to render multiple independent views. Useful for modelling applications.

Saving a Screen Shot in DirectX Graphics
May 2002 - Robert Dunlop
This article shows how to save a screen short in DirectX Graphics.

Triangulating and Extruding Arbitrary Polygons
May 2001 - Michael Fötsch
This article explains how to use the GLU library to perform tesselation of irregular polygons for rendering in DirectX. It also shows how to use GDI to retrieve the polygons of TrueType fonts.

D3DX Meshes
Nov 2002 - Dave Aronson
This article shows what can be done with D3DX in regards to meshes.

Introduction to the DirectX 9 High Level Shading Language
July, 2003 - Craig Peeper, Jason L. Mitchell
This article gives a very good introduction to the HLSL and how to use it with DirectX 9.

MSDN Online DirectX Delevoper Center


nVidia Developer
The developer relations site of nVidia is full of good articles and demos with source code on 3D graphics.

The X-Zone

Drunken Hyena
DirectX tutorials

Managed DirectX 9 Graphics: Improving On A Good Thing
Dez 2003 - Thobias Jones
Managed DirectX with C#

DirectX Device Capabilities Database
This site has a very good capabilities database for DirectX 8 and DirectX 9. I especially like the good user interface of this one.

How to parse .X files
Sep, 2001 - Jim Adams
Shows how to parse X files using DirectX 8, but not the D3DX utility library.

A game developer information site using C++ and DirectX.

Chad Vernon's Tutorials
Chad Vernon
Plenty of well written tutorials on DirectX 9, both managed and unmanaged.

Kevin Harris
Lot's of code samples for DirectX, OpenGL, and other things.

A site with lots of cool 3D samples with source code for both OpenGL and DirectX.